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Tourdulich Mixtape #31
Danish Artist Kasper Vang gets us a little lost and loose with psychedelic sounds from Stereolab and Hype Williams.
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Mixtape #31 has arrived and brings along something idiosyncratically new to the table. , a Danish artist and musician compiled a soundtrack for Tourdulich, which might send one into an ephemeral daze and perhaps even numb a few body-parts while listening to it.

Currently residing in Berlin, Kasper works primarily with sound as a medium to examine perceptions of atmosphere and space alongside psychoacoustic phenomena. As a musician, he has been involved in the scene of improvized music, regularly performing in Berlin and Copenhagen. The newness and absurdities found within his musical flavour are perfect for those who want to get lost for a bit. We hope you enjoy this musical therapy and loosen up for a little while.

1. DJ Guacamole – A Concise History Of California Rock Music In Under 5 Seconds
2. Harald Grosskopf – So Weit So Gut
3. Hype Williams – Untitled 7
4. Ford & Lopatin – Dead Jammer
5. Rättö ja Lehtisalo – Lentävä Sateeenvarjo
6. Moebius & Plank – Osmo-Fantor
7. Reuber – Altweiber
8. J.D. Emmanuel -Part IV, Expanding Into The Universe
9. Jonas Munk – Orca
10. Stereolab/Nurse With Wound – Simple Headphone Mind
11. Vangelis – Bicycle Riders (Harps of The Ancient Temples)
12. Oren Ambarchi – Fractured Mirro

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