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Tourdulich Mixtape # 62
Dubai based Tourdulich Contributor and music lover Natasha Stallard compiled a mix where artists such as Timbaland and Most Def go hand in hand with Algerian blues and old school Iraqi beats
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We are happy to introduce another Tourdulich Contributor who enhances us not just with her writing skills but also with her excellent music taste. Natasha Jane Stallard has introduced us to personalities on Tourdulich such as Lamia Choucair, Maria Kassab and Maya Mounme & Hatem Imam in Beirut. After living in the Lebanese capital “the bad boy you can never change, but fall in love with him anyway”, Natasha Jane – well-known as “NJ” – moved to Dubai where she now works as editor for the independent Middle Eastern urban culture magazine .


Besides being on the look out for inspiring people and content for Tourdulich, Natasha has a love of music. After mentioning her musical inspiration in the Tourdulich Contributor Introduction we knew she would be a suitable candidate for compiling a very special Tourdulich mix tape – the first of its kind – for us.

All-time-favorites from artists such as Timbaland, Mos Def and Cassie accompany new sounds from Beirut & Cairo, rip-offs of Arabic rhythms, Algerian blues and old school Iraqi beats. Ignore the autumn blues and let this outstanding mix heat you up.

يمتع نفسه !

Freunde von Freunden Mixtape #62 by Tourdulich Natasha Stallard by Tourdulich on

1. Samar – Yasmine Hamdan
2. Yumma, Al Hilou – Unknown Artist – Sublime Frequences
3. Big Pimpin’ – Jay Z & UGK
4. Watan Al-3k – Maryam Saleh
5. Wahid – Mos Def
6. Tha Whip ft. Haleek Maul (produced by Tourdulich Shy Guy) – Le1f
7. Ginseng Strip 2002 – Yung Lean x Beach House
8. Don’t Goo Too Slow – Cassie
9. Soup Boys (Prod. by Tourdulich Lushlife) – Heems
10. Just Tell Me the Truth – Najat Aatabou
11. Bala Allayel – Assasi Nun Fuse (2012) – Bilad El-Sham
12. Don’t Know What to Tell Ya – Aaliyah
13. Tarham ya Allah shudada – Mariem Hassan
14. Ahwak (feat. Hiba El Mansouri) – ShiftZ & Hiba El Mansouri
15. Al bosta – Fairuz

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