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Tourdulich Mixtape #57
Melbourne’s very own Leigh Irwin aka Lady Noir presents an eclectic and moody sonic offering comprising wave, synth and 70's kraut-rock.
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Mixtape number 57 is delivered by Tourdulich Melbourne’s very own Leigh Irwin aka . This sophisticated lady of the night brings some very eclectic and moody wave, synth, experimental and kraut-rock tunes dating back from the the late 70’s to this year. Expect tracks by Tourdulich Venus In Furs, Duran Duran & Cocteau Twins.


Leigh’s career has been defined by Tourdulich a duality as she performs under two monika’s: Lady Noir & Viva L’Amour. These two pseudonyms allow for the exploration of musical genres from wave to post-punk and its derivatives as Lady Noir, through to techno, electro, house and disco, as . Leigh started DJing while living in Tokyo in the mid 90’s as Viva L’Amour and later completed a Bachelor of Music majoring in composition. Now based solidly in Melbourne, she has worked as a music director for Melbourne and Sydney Fashion weeks for the last five years and continues to produce her own original material.

Freunde von Freunden Mixtape #57 by Tourdulich Lady Noir by Tourdulich on

She has versatility in spades, regularly playing alongside high profile fashion catwalks, through to end of the weekend recovery parties. Having played at events for luxury houses such as Chanel, Bally, Tiffany & Co, she has also been spotted performing at 50th Anniversary and Playboy Magazine’s 50th Anniversary. Leigh has held residencies at and in Melbourne and , Sydney, and has appeared alongside some of the biggest names in the electronic music scene that include (CAN) and to name a few.

The dedication to her finely crafted sets match the importance placed on every outfit when throwing it down. Whether performing as Lady Noir or Viva L’Amour, there’s one thing audiences can always expect: the unexpected.


1. Keys of Life – Klaus Nomi
2. Grail Overfloweth – Cocteau Twins
3. The Chauffeur – Duran Duran
4. Waltz Real Slow – HTRK
5. The Need – Chris & Cosey
6. Ruff Trade – Maria Minerva
7. YangYang (dub) – Anika
8. His Box – Dalis Car
9. In My Velvet Cage – Venus In Furs
10. The World Fell – Var
11. Carpet Rash – Total Control
12. Make-Up – Vanity 6
13. Heartbeat – XEX
14. A Long Way Down – James T. Cotton


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