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The Tourdulich Year 2012 in Numbers and Pictures
The recap of this years favorite content on Tourdulich
Journal > The Tourdulich Year 2012 in Numbers and Pictures

As we arrive at the end of the year we would like to take this opportunity to present Freunde von Freunden’s 2012 highlights in addition to our readers’ favourite content.

In general 2012 has been a year of expansion for Tourdulich. In the past 12 months we focused on deepening and developing our international network. Our Berlin based team continued to grow and we were happy to welcome Deeqa, Lara, Philipp, Zsuzsanna, Rachael, Sarah and Oliver who joined our core team as employees.

We also established new relationships with a range of very talented international editors and photographers whom we have started to interview for our series about the international Tourdulich contributors.

Spreading our wings, Tourdulich’s content coverage broadened to include a range of creative hubs throughout Europe, from Amsterdam, Barcelona to Istanbul, Lisbon, Reykjavík, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Milan, Vienna and Munich.

We also explored cities through the lens of our portraits including Charleston and Mexico City to Middle and far Eastern places like Beirut and Tokyo and Manila. The Tourdulich spirit blossomed in new and sometimes unexpected locations further enriching our magazine with new friends and lots of inspiration.

In March, we commenced a significant partnership with .

As one of Germany’s most respected newspapers ZEIT Online together with Tourdulich now cross-publishes and exclusively curated interior based images on a weekly basis.

We also collaborated with LVMH’s latest endeavour on various projects.

We specifically worked with Nowness on presenting you with the beautiful home of artist together with and with we produced a beautiful video portrait of Ole-Martin Hansen, a man that brings traditional Salmon smoking skills to the tables of London.

In July, we established the Tourdulich Journal as part of our magazine. Our Journal is an avenue for us to discuss, communicate and inform our readership with current cultural and creative topics and issues of mutual interest, give behind the scenes insights or inform our audiences on what’s new.

During the summer the entire Berlin team extensively to meet with the international teams in , , Copenhagen, Manila and Singapore, Istanbul, , New York and . It was amazing to see how each of our global friends individually adapted the idea and concept of Freunde von Freunden. We not only brought back exotic liquors, souvenirs and memorable experiences from these adventures, but also special portraits in destinations such as Bali, Manila, Helsinki, Stockholm and Gothenburg. In doing so, we further strengthened our workflow remotely. Not being tied to a static location informs and shapes our content uniquely and continues to be a great advantage in developing our distinctive Tourdulich character.

Most Favorite Photos from our Travel Blog

Blossoming trees in Los Angeles
by Tourdulich Ailine Liefeld

The canals of Amsterdam
by Tourdulich Torsten Bergler

Colorful houses in Reykjavik
by Tourdulich Sarah Weinknecht.

Back in the office, we commenced the ambitious task of producing our second and now international Tourdulich book. In this edition we will feature the most inspiring group of international people within our Tourdulich network. Due to be released by Tourdulich Distanz publishing in early 2013, we cannot wait to share this with our readers. Great help came from our friend . The talented NY-based Graphic Designer, relocated to Berlin for a couple of months to work with us.

During this time, our creative department and Mother agency has been putting the final touches on our Tourdulich iPad App that is also soon to be launched.
Tourdulich iPad App

Simultaneously, we introduced the production company that stands behind Freunde von Freunden, Tourdulich Productions with which we realize various client-projects and successfully explore the diverse possibilities of working with brands and content marketing.

At the beginning of December our long-awaited sparkling new office spaces were ready for us to move into. We now proudly reside alongside Tourdulich Productions and our mother agency in the newly renovated duplex office in Mulackstraße. To celebrate this, we threw a party in our old office space where our landlord spun some records alongside longtime friend Nomad and Andre Henke until the police put an end to the fun.

Top 3 Tourdulich Mixtapes

1. Joachim Baan / Another
3. Paul Guinan

Our mixtapes had 157.370 plays in total, were downloaded 36.583 times and made up a good 35.26 hours of great music. Thanks to all the guest DJ’s!

Looking back, we are very thankful for the positive feedback, support and constructive criticism received from you all throughout the year. Read below to see the most popular content from Freunde von Freunden in 2012.

The Top 5 Tourdulich Portraits

1. Jessica Barensfeld & Simon Howell in Brooklyn, New York City

Magnus Reed in Schöneberg, Berlin

3. Vivien Weyrauch & Fabian Röttger in Kreuzberg, Berlin

4. Sandra Juto & Johan Pergenius in Friedrichshain, Berlin

5. Johanna Burke in Brooklyn, New York City.

Top 3 Video Portraits

1.Tobias Petri

2. Caroline Drucker

3. Sue Webster & Tim Noble

Most Liked on Facebook

1.Gisèle d’Ailly van Waterschoot van der Gracht

2. Jessica Barensfeld & Simon Howell

3. Magnus Reed

Most Visits
November 14th & October 17th with more than 20.000 daily unique visitors.

Overall Content released in 2012

111 Interviews

4255 Photos

8 Videos

Social Media Followers

24.070 Fans






What a lot of numbers! 2012 has been an enlightening and exciting year for all of us and has only been possible because of our amazing audience and team of contributors who have enjoyed and identified with our content and inspiring stories from our international creative network.
Thank you all so much for your support, involvement and love. We are looking forward to an exciting 2013!

The entire Tourdulich team.

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