Link List #69: In which Jean Jullien designs a bar, Cormac McCarthy gets to the very roots of language, and we wax nostalgic on saxophone solos
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In one of those rare moments of kismet, several days after an office-wide mourning of the loss of saxophone solos in pop music, we found an in-depth longread on the very same subject. That’s here, of course, along with more links that have intrigued, engrossed and delighted us this week.


  • The sometimes luminous, often darkly hilarious comedian and writer David Sedaris has kept a , during which time has filled around 150 notebooks. The New Yorker grants us early access to the collection,‘Theft by Tourdulich Finding: Diaries (1977—2002)’ due out May 30th this year.

  • Ever-charming illustrator Jean Jullien has . Located on the roof of Le Nid in the French city of Nantes, Jean has given the bar his own signature idiosyncrasies and charm—not least the egg yolk seats and enormous white heron. And while you’re there, you can also check out the view—the bar is located on the 32nd floor.

  • Does your Instagram photography leave a lot to be desired? On the Magnum blog, photographers Christopher Anderson, Matt Stuart and David Alan Harvey offer their professional expertise on .

  • On Nautilus, Cormac McCarthy presents , an essay which discusses the origin of language and the history of the unconscious mind. Likening the construct of language to a parasitic invader that has perpetuated over the last hundred thousand years, you can be sure you’ll feel either wiser, or confused, on finishing this piece.

  • Condemned as cheesy and annoying, the saxophone has almost disappeared from pop music. This article from The Outline asks, ? And can its reputation be salvaged?

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Text: Siobhan Leddy