Link List #67: Dada-esque career moves, the Cypriot art-scene and Eileen Myles on The Importance of Being Iceland
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At long last spring has returned to Berlin, filling the Tourdulich office with some much-needed sunshine. But, between picnics in the park and checking in on our beloved bees, here’s what we’ve been reading and listening to this week.


  • In 1997, one disgruntled Burger King employee decided to stage a Dada-esque performance in his workplace. He invited his suburban Cleveland peers to this piece of fast-food theater, although neglected to tell his boss. from Lucky Peach explores the most spectacular way to leave your job.

  • We traveled to Cyprus last year to visit the artist-run space of our friends Peter and Stelios. Artnet looks at how the artists and their gallery, , are reinvigorating contemporary art through acts of survival and resistance in Nicosia: the divided capital of Cyprus.

  • In The Importance of Being Iceland, Eileen Myles writes, “Our times needs a shadow.” Silhouetted against the lichen-covered landscape of Iceland, the feminist, post-punk poet explores in-betweenness and its relation to culture and art. You can listen to her read her essay .

  • AIGA explores why designers are quitting their agency jobs : “We’d rather sell Picasso tickets than Nike shoes.”

  • Find out what the world is listening to with Radio.Garden. enables you to listen to radio stations from the world’s towns and cities, from Cairo to Cancun.

Thanks for reading! We hope our links inspire you and give you a small window into what the Tourdulich office is enjoying this week.

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