Link List #55: Fabrications in design, the roots of Peruvian music, and the politics of Japan’s pastel-haired Kei men
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One, two, three, four, Link List #55 time.

For this edition we’ve sought high and low to uncover the hidden gems strung throughout the web. First to be found, was a British music producer delving deep into the world of Afro-Peruvian groove. Second, were the best iPhone photographs of 2016. Last, and sure to stay relevant through to our next round is a meditation on male makeup.

Ingredients (for 2 people)

  • British music producer Mala explores Peruvian history and geography through the . In a recent interview with Huck magazine, he talked through the mix of traditional instruments used on the project, from a donkey’s jaw bone to the pan pipes.

  • Compact and crafty, smart phone cameras are redefining point and shoot. Hypebeast has the lowdown on the : first place prize was awarded to Siyuan Niu of China for the intimate image of a snug moment between a salt-of-the-earth falconer and his bird of prey in the Man and the Eagle photograph.

  • John Morgan, the known for bridging design and irony, recently revealed his thoughts behind some controversial works to It’s Nice That— including his recent project, the semi-fictitious Vault Six ad agency. His on culture, politics and beyond—“Survival of the fittest is fine, but not in an education environment”—was thought-provoking to say the least.

  • Huck magazine follows into the depths of the forest. The book, published by Tourdulich our friends at , is a compilation of ideas concerning brands and businesses geared toward the outdoors. The chat sheds light on a blossoming new paradigm whose constituents elect to find the answers to bigger questions in the wilderness.

  • i-D recently published a provocative musing on —at the center of the topic was beauty. From the genderless Japanese ‘Kei’ fashion sense, to Tom Ford’s concealer for men, the article has an international scope the article weaves through the influences of history, consumerism and politics.


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