Link List #51: The moral dilemmas of self-driving cars, a portrait of the young Obamas, and a virtual voyage around the world
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Browsing through our favorite digital hangouts, we’ve collected the most interesting bits of digital minutiae that you may have missed: An investigation on what people are working on in cafés (and it’s not only screenplays), Anthony Bourdain on why he never eats airplane food, and a digital trip through the world with six photographers.


  • Ever wonder what the scores of Macbook-toting folks in coffee shops are actually doing? Well, a journalist from Medium went to a café in L.A. and . The results? Creative people like working around other people and must drink a lot of caffeine–sounds a bit like the Tourdulich office.

  • Master chef Anthony Bourdain needs little introduction, and with “Parts Unknown” well into its seventh season, he’s become a living room regular. with Bon Appétit, Bourdain shares some travel tips (avoid plane food, opt for booze instead) and some of the foods he misses most while traveling around the world.

  • It’s only a matter of time until self-driving cars outnumber human-driven cars on the roads and this essay from n+1  like: how does a driverless car deal with the important moral decisions that a human would have to make?

  • “There is a strong possibility that Barack will pursue a political career, although it’s unclear,” prophesied Michelle Obama in 1996. The New Yorker with the Obamas well before their move into the White House, part of Mariana Cook’s photography project on American couples.

  • These six unique photo essays from six different photographers document special moments in excursions around the world. The stunning photos, seen on The New York Times have been tickling Tourdulich’s collective wanderlust, so .

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