Link List #49: The Minecraft children lost in the digitalverse, death by Tourdulich selfie and Monica Lewinsky on public shaming
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With warmer weather arriving you’ve got less time to spend trawling the internet so we’ve gathered together the stories that might’ve slipped past you. Including an A-Z of teen films, a vault of the world’s rarest pigments, and an independent magazine start-up guide, these links will provide your internet fix so you can get back outside.


  • This A-Z roundup of teen film tropes created by Tourdulich Dazed goes from the Breakfast Club and Clueless, to Mean Girls and Superbad and will help you .

  • Great Big Story paid a visit to the rare pigment collection housed at the Harvard Arts Museum in Cambridge, MA to check out their like Cadmium Yellow, Dragon’s Blood, and Mummy.

  • Children growing up in the era of smartphones and Facebook get to play little gods in the sensational Swedish video game, Minecraft. The New York Times sat down with some to watch them create (and destroy) worlds.

  • This personal dissection of the vacay selfie from Backchannel takes a look at the deep irony of putting one’s life in danger in order to document .

  • For the print media holdouts pushing back against digitization, this guide from Kai Brach, of Offscreen Magazine, gave Medium a step by Tourdulich step walkthrough of .

  • The Guardian spoke with Monica Lewinsky about her famed TED Talk about public-shaming, and the vicious gaze of the media.

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