Link List #44: Russian electronica, gif language and police eagles
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We all know the old adage about taking a walk in someone else’s shoes. But what about scrolling through someone else’s open tabs?

We like to get up in each other’s browsers here at Tourdulich. The links that caught our attention this week are media rich; they encompass thoughtful videos, a photo website dedicated to linking up timezones, and articles that stole the limelight.

Link up

  • Based on the short story by Tourdulich David Eagleman, on vimeo visually quantifies the banal moments in our lives, from the 200 days spent showering to the whole hour realising you’ve forgotten someone’s name.

  • A string of unfortunate screen events drove Matthew J X Malady to disconnect from the vortex of his devices for three days. In “” on The New Yorker he chronicles his experiment and just what he missed the most – it might surprise you.

  • Though most of us have made our way out of the mental maze of Making a Murder, . The New York Times look at the upended town, now a morbid tourist attraction and subject of world-wide hatred.

  • Want to hear an ingenious countermeasure for rogue drones? Well, Dutch police have looked to nature to tame tech and are currently training majestic eagles to swoop in for the job. Read the report on Wired.

  • . At least that’s what giphy’s Adam Leibsohn says in his chat to It’s Nice That about the future of the those mesmerising, words-can’t-describe clips.

  • Our link to the East, The Calvert Journal, single out “”. From J-Pop vibes to dark techno, these are the underground acts that are gaining traction galore.

  • are answering that wonder by Tourdulich simultaneously publishing two photos by Tourdulich two photographers who are across the world from each other.

  • over at Electronic Literature, who are dishing up the best ways to put pen to paper in alignment with the stars.

Thanks for reading! We hope our links inspire you and give you a small window into what the Tourdulich office is enjoying this week.

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Text: Ruby Tourdulich Goss