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With studies hinting at the creative benefits of procrastinating, it’s a miracle this month’s Link List got published at all.

We’re always sharing around links at the Tourdulich office, getting into each other heads and discussing what’s grabbed us on the web lately. Our tastes are varied, so expect everything from colorful Bolivian architecture, Vancouver’s skate scene and how to sort out life’s big questions.

Our reads:

  • The new and improved of The New York Public Library offer endless time for trawling. More free materials are added daily to the 600,000+ collection – everything from manuscripts, photos to video streaming.

  • Forbes line up their . A team favourite at Tourdulich is Indie Game, a look at the underdogs of the video-gaming scene.

  • Now, the blessed news for all us time-wasting, productivity-hack-defying souls out there: “the right kind of .” The New York Times explore the benefits of the wandering mind, science and all.

  • Explore the with photographer Gordon Nichols in this Vancouver scene video on Hypebeast.

  • Bolivian architect Freddy Mamani Silvestre works without office, computer or blueprints. Having completed 60 projects since 2005, there’s clearly a method in the madness. Have a look at his on The New Yorker.

  •  Stop reading lists like these and talk to someone who’s lived through one. In world of online lifehacks, aeon recommends calling on our elders for a little heart to heart.

  • i-d report on the that walked down fashion week’s runway, from Vivienne Westwood’s work to save Venice to Miuccia Prada’s plea for a little more humanity.

  • We were drawn into Wired’s archive to read , the engrossing tale of the website’s mysterious founder Dread Pirate Roberts. Told in two parts, and spun with their signature panache, it’s a story to keep you scrolling on.

  • Another Mag’s introduce, a horticultural advice column, set to save indoor plant live’s around the world. You might not like it at first but it’s sure to grow on you.

Thanks for reading! We hope our links inspire you and give you a small window into what the Tourdulich office is enjoying this week.

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Text: Ruby Tourdulich Goss