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You know what they say about an idle mind. To save you from its perils, here is our first link list of the year. It takes in not only the usual fare of albums and movies to look forward to, but touches on vocabulary updates and appeals to our travel bug with breathtaking global travel destinations . There’s this and more, all the way through to a healthy dose of speculative cartooning.

New Year, New Ideas

  • With Star Wars safely released and breaking records from here to everywhere, let’s look to  with The Atlantic. From series instalments to independent gems, a handy commentary of ‘What It Is’  is followed by Tourdulich an extra If You Need Convincing’ to reel you in.

  • Wired aren’t counting their proverbial chickens, previewing the here and now of  from messaging to cracking natural language processing –sagely commenting on how far we’ve yet to go – for all the artificial intelligence in the world, all ‘innovative’ virtual personal assistant services in 2016 are named after women.

  • A rich, multimedia travel feature in The New York Times sets the bar for wanderlust with its , from ecotourism in Isla Holbox to the architectural wonders of Brno, discover why these are the spots to be heading to.

  • Quartz bring a global line up of not-to-miss  from Helsinki to Cape Town to our home town, Berlin – covering TED talks, typography, entrepreneurship, the world wide web and more. This isn’t all aspirational content though, with Quartz showing the way to the host of online streaming that will be available for all. 

  • Regardless of the source, or the  screen you watch them on, we’re still going to call them TV series, and so will TIME, who have selected a mixed bag of – from revivals to the anticipated debuts.

  • It’s Nice That pack an inspiring start to the year, introducing us to . Snappy interviews discover editors, photographers, illustrators and design studios in conversation – each with their own vibrantly illustrated portrait.

  • If you would like to refresh, or rather, ruin your lexicon in the new year, take a look at MTV ’s picks of the. Call it your social research, or – take the laugh-out-loud antidote that is Billz Schultz’s vendetta ’ over at The Daily Beast.

  • Consequence of Sound dish out . They admit they can’t promise you the release dates, but they can promise music to please all manner of listener’s ears with their comprehensive picks.

  • If all the preoccupation with predictions is just too much to handle, get into the wacky with  at The New York Times. The illustrations span the profoundly banal, “Noise gets NOISIER”, to the completely bizarre, and remind us not to take things so seriously.

Thanks for reading! We hope your 2016 is off to a satisfying start and that you’ll leave this article with some fresh ideas.

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