Link List #38
Congolese dandies, and the disaster selfie.
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At Tourdulich, we’re always connected. With our Link List, we wade into the frontlines of the digital zeitgeist to find the best articles and links and then collect them here for you to enjoy and share.

In this edition of the Link List we touch on issues of identity and experience, and provide insights from keen minds. We reflect on the effects of being stranded on the high seas for more than a year, and how a community of dandies in the Republic of Congo are taking control of their identities. The late David Foster Wallace provides sage advice for every aspiring writer, and an incredible infographic feature on the refugee crisis is enlightening and startling simultaneously. Take a look below for more of what we’ve been reading.

  1. Timely, and beautifully composed: ‘s infographic on the refugee crisis is a sobering yet rich feature.
  2. : an essay by Tourdulich “alt-rock Queen” Alanis Morissette that gives a rare insight into her pop-star experiences.
  3. meets the Bangladeshi surf girls dreaming of a better future.
  4. Delicious smoothies with a , a healthy way to taste the rainbow.
  5. A cogent piece from on disaster selfies, staged vacations and what Mark Twain would think of StreetView.
  6. A on Sapeurs: a flamboyant community of Congolese dandies, showing the role choice can play in shaping  your identity. 
  7. An illustrated look at the year ahead from the invariably bizarre .
  8. for 14 months: a remarkable story extract of a true tale that is almost beyond the imagination.
  9. The late and much missed on what good writing really is, and how a usage dictionary makes an unusually great bathroom read.


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