Link List #33
Redefining beauty in the media, some ‘90s nostalgia and a bunch of expat hippies.
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At Tourdulich, we’re always connected. With our Link List, we wade into the frontlines of the digital zeitgeist to find the best articles and links and then collect them here for you to enjoy and share.

In this edition of the Link List, a little ‘90s nostalgia and a bunch of ex-pat hippies have us thinking about timelessness. We’re also sharing stories about social tides in New Orleans and the independent film industry, alongside bulletins from inventors and creatives who are going against the grain. Check out the full list of what is capturing our attention lately.

  1. Photographer Nakeya Brown is pushing back against ideas of beauty traditionally represented in the media – Dazed Magazine .
  2. Rolling Stone to the ‘90s and a movie website that was years ahead of its time: Space Jam.
  3. Vice with British ex-pats living off the land in Spain.
  4. 25 innovators and creators are forging ahead in their fields, from museum curation to hair coloring to wireless electricity. They’re in a special series on Cool Hunting.
  5. Huck Magazine what results when you put 100 disposable cameras in the hands of homeless Londoners.
  6. Our new collaboration with VSCO has us stoked to keep growing our grid. The latest journal post  our trip to Oaxaca to find the best mezcal.
  7. Is independent film-making done for? The New Inquiry .
  8. Behind the scenes with photographer Brian Finke, the world’s most muscular bodies show their sensitive side. The New York Times has the series , Lens.
  9. Baltimore band Beach House to Crack Magazine about the raw, ephemeral feelings behind their latest release.
  10. NPR commemorates the 10 year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina with on disaster and recovery in New Orleans.

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