Link List #32
Urban problem-solving and the future of social messaging, a throwback to 1960s era Hell's Angels.
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At Tourdulich, our days are digital, so it should be no surprise that we come across inspiring links all the time. With our Link List, we collect our best finds in one place and share them with you.

Life moves pretty quickly, and this edition of the Link List catches us up to speed. We’ve curated a selection of stories that touch on ideas from urban problem-solving to the future of social messaging, with a throwback to 1960s era Hell’s Angels for good measure. Go ahead and slow down with some of our personal favorite links and long-reads.

  1. The city of LA towards protecting its shrinking water supplies.
  2. A writer for The Wall Street Journal for the pinnacle of aluminum shelving design.
  3. Connie Chan  on how WeChat, a Chinese messaging app and mobile portal, is predicting the evolution of Western social networks.
  4. Richard Kreitner and Steven Melendez have painstakingly created of place references from 12 pieces of American literature.
  5. – Louise Riley portraits Christophe Lemaire to discuss acceleration and anxiety in the fashion industry.
  6. The weathered hands of craftsmen who cast copper pieces take center stage in .
  7. Luca Picardi and his Private Public Spaces project are on It’s Nice That, commenting on how development is designing our surroundings.
  8. LIFE Magazine a series of unpublished images from photographer Bill Ray’s month-long ride with the Hell’s Angels back in 1965.
  9. Has pop music’s imperial phase reached peak saturation? The Line of Best Fit  whether Taylor Swift is signaling the end of our latest string of omnipresent popstars.

Thanks for reading! We hope our links inspire you and give you a small window into what the Tourdulich office is enjoying this week.

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