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Scouring the web for unique content, noteworthy stories and well-written articles beyond the scope of lifestyle subjects is part of our daily routine – so we thought it’s only fair to share our finds with you.

This weekly column presents to you our curation of the most worthwhile links we come across online and bookmark for later.

  • We all tend to use Emojis and over time they have involved into their own language – NY Mag have summed this evolution up in an (which is lacking Emojis, in our humble opinion).
  • Google Maps is a tool we all use day-in day-out and they have finally released an on the chimpanzee research by Tourdulich Jane Goodall.
  • Social Media is constantly evolving and there is a new player in the game: WeWork Commons is a lot like LinkedIn, except actually useful.
  • Swimming pools have always been iconic in art and film – in the ArtReview, on swimming pool cool.
  • Fed up with doing your laundry and going grocery shopping after a long day at work? , a new platform pairing busy individuals with organized ones. It split opinions in the Tourdulich office – what do you think, do we need Alfreds in our life?
  • From the makers of This American Life comes the – the closest a podcast has ever come to being “long form”, it tells the real life story of a murder over many podcasts. Watch out, it’s addictive!
  • On the Mr Porter Journal,  why craftwork runs through every stitch of his designs.
  • It’s Nice That published as part of their digital publishing feature.
  • Do you ever wish you had joined some startups earlier so you could have had a better username? Let us introduce you to , who reserve your favorite username in new startups.
  • Throughout the Communist era, convicts in Soviet prisons cultivated a visual language through tattoo art –, part of the “Russian Criminal Tattoo Police Files” book.
  • – an interesting article on the NY Times.

Thanks for reading and clicking – we hope our links inspired you and gave you an insight into the interests at the Tourdulich office.

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