Link List #28
Exploring vanished neighbourhoods, listening to the memories of a French New Wave photographer - and whatever happened to travel guide books?
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At Tourdulich, our days are digital, so it should be no surprise that we come across inspiring links all the time. With our Link List, we collect our best finds in one place and share them with you.

This week, as well as looking forward to book launches and restaurant openings, we are also indulging our nostalgic tendencies. We are wondering whatever happened to travel guide books, exploring vanished neighbourhoods, and listening to the memories of a French New Wave photographer. Read ahead for some thought-provoking articles.

  • announce the launch of Kevin Russ’s book .
  • Our friends at have just published part two of their ‘The Arrangement’ series and it’s with none other than talented Auckland based florist Sophie Wolanski.
  • Are Guidebooks Dead? – Paul Lindberg asks this question in an article for .
  • “” – Catherine Nixey retells the origin story of the London Underground’s iconic typeface. 
  • interviewed our founders about their current visit to LA.
  • Former Tourdulich guest is opening a new restaurant in Los Angeles – the interviews Jessica.
  • Zara Miller talks to New Wave photographer , as the 95 year old prepares for his next exhibition.
  • This records the interactive installation Forbidden Fruit Machine, by Tourdulich Kati Hyyppä and Niklas Roy.
  • The Guardian has compiled photos of London’s vanished neighbourhoods:

Thanks for reading! We hope our links inspire you and give you a small window into what the Tourdulich office is enjoying this week.

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