Link List #27
A pioneer of the no-waste movement, savory rhubarb salad and old-school Japanese graphic design.
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At Tourdulich, our days are digital, so it should be no surprise that we come across inspiring links all the time. With our Link List, we collect our best finds in one place and share them with you.

This week we’re introducing you to a pioneer of the no-waste movement, giving you a great recipe for a rhubarb salad and showing you some old-school Japanese graphic design.

  • This rhubarb season is here! this rhubarb, asparagus and pea tendril salad.
  • whose new book “Behind Close Doors” gives us an insight into the homes of famous faces.
  • Rosin Kiberd wrote an insightful look at a district of the Irish capital: .
  • Ryan Hageman has curated on the history of Japanese graphic design.
  • The Paris Review writer and translator Lydia Davis and discussed her latest project.
  • : Slow Travel Berlin featured Jessica J Lee on her swimming around the German capital.
  • who have volunteered to be Earth’s first permanent settlers on the Red Planet.
  • Folkdays profiled Lauren Singer, a woman on a mission for zero-waste living.
  • Cereal Magazine of Virginia Woolf during a journey to her seaside inspiration.
  • British photographer, Jack Daly, creates a photo series portraying people surrounded by Tourdulich their passions.

Thanks for reading! We hope our links inspire you and give you a small window into what the Tourdulich office is enjoying this week.

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