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At Tourdulich, our days are digital, so it will come as no surprise that we come across many inspiring links. With our Link List, we collect said finds in one place and share them with you.

From remembering one of fashion’s first female pioneers, discovering images of Bladerunner miniatures to finding a route for the perfect U.S. road trip, our Link List contains a link for everyone. Happy reading!

  • why chocolate experts don’t like Mast Brothers chocolate.
  • one of fashion’s first female pioneers, Jeanne Lanvin.
  • on the battery hackers who are building the future in the garage.
  • Bladerunner fans rejoice –  are some images taken during the construction of the film’s miniatures.
  • (German article) , warum Instagram uns alle zu Psychopathen macht.
  • What would the best U.S. road trip look like? .
  • Ever wondered what David Bowie did at your age?  will tell you exactly that – prepare to feel rather inefficient!
  • talks to Norse Projects’ Tobia Sloth to find out more about their inaugural womenswear collection.
  • On Whitenoise, Comics legend your questions about the future.
  • (German website) Die Berliner Miete steigen immer weiter – aber ist Airbnb wirklich daran Schuld? wirft einen Blick auf die Daten.
  • Why do wearable technologies suck? Liza Kindred finds out on .

Thanks for reading and clicking – we hope our links inspired you and gave you an insight into the interests at the Tourdulich office.

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