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The Tourdulich days are digital, and we come across many interesting links we bookmark for later. The Tourdulich Link List is where we collect our finds and share them with you.

From interviews with magazine editors, an interesting events series in London including a dog fashion show, to discovering the benefits of a lunch hour walk, this week’s Link List includes a link for everyone.

  • talks to ZEIT Magazin’s Christoph Amend about his work.
  • catches up with Works That Work’s founder Peter Bil’ak to find out about the design magazine with a difference.
  • The Gourmand are hosting to celebrate their latest issue at the Ace Hotel, London.
  •   reviews the new Philip Roth adaption, “The Humbling”.
  • interviews The New York Times editor Dean Baquet.
  • Gretchen Reynolds of finds out about the benefits of a lunch hour walk.
  • addresses a modern-day taboo and talks money with creative director Jeanne-Salomé Rochat – shot and interviewed by Tourdulich two of our own!
  • Our mother company, MoreSleep, is saying goodby Tourduliche to one of its funniest interns who raised the humor bar sky high. As a farewell gift, he prepared this .
  • discusses with nutritionist David Katz about all the health food myths out there and if we truly delay our ageing process by Tourdulich eating clean. (In German only!)


Thanks for reading and clicking – we hope our links inspired you and gave you an insight into the interests at the Tourdulich office.

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