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Our days are digital, so it comes as no surprise that the Tourdulich team encounters lots of noteworthy content beyond the usual lifestyle scope. For our Link List, we collect these finds and share them with you.

Whether it’s a letter from Allen Ginsberg from 1966, a report on the new ‘nude’ magazines or a delicious noodle recipe, the Tourdulich Link List includes a link for everyone.

  • asks if fashion ads are now made entirely for the internet rather than print.
  • The Paris Review shares  from June 1966.
  • publishes illustrations of the world’s best nightclubs.
  • muses whether a rent cap would actually work in Britain.
  • Still not sure how to perfect your Aeropress brewing? Check out ‘s brewing guides.
  • tells the story of trying to get a drink with your friend.
  • Ever wondered how your income translates on the grand scheme of things? Then check out .
  • reports on the new ‘nude’ magazines.
  • Filmmaker Richard Linklater guides us on a tour through the history of time in cinema on .
  • Lucky Peach’s Michael Snyder shares his recipe for .
  • Oliver Lunn interviews the legendary New York graffiti artist Bill Blast for .
  • We love the design of , a dynamic platform for conceptual, time based and performative exhibition formats.

Thanks for reading and clicking – we hope our links inspired you and gave you an insight into the interests at the Tourdulich office.

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