Link List #83: Chasing tigers, India’s Silicon Valley in jeopardy, Mexico City in a minute, and a look at a spooky new magazine
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How can you capture the biggest city in North America in sixty seconds? Why do people keep looking for the extinct Tasmanian tiger? What’s placing India’s IT industry under threat, and what draws us to the things that go bump? We come a little closer to answering all of these questions in our latest Link List. And then satisfy your curiosity one last time, with an interactive website on the workings of waveforms.

  • The last Tasmanian tiger was declared dead in 1936. So why is it people continue to report sightings all over the island? This article from the New Yorker examines the trait in the human condition that drives .

  • India’s tech boom miraculously transformed the country into a thriving modern economy, IT jobs now accounting for 9.3% of their GDP. But having heavily relied on US outsourcing, and with the current American protectionist agenda the future doesn’t look so clear. California Sunday Magazine asks, what happens ?

  • Sometimes things are so vast that the only way to describe them is through a completely new perspective. Photographer Santiago Arau Pontones combines timelapses and drone shots to present a unique video portrait of .

  • Boo! Okay, it might not be Halloween, but who doesn’t still love a fright? Suspira Magazine is a new publication that revels the in the uncanny. about their inaugural monster-themed issue.

  • This is nerdy. But sometimes that’s okay. It’s an interactive website that explains —how noise literally happens. So for any of you budding sound engineers or curious sparks who don’t want to be bored out of your skulls by Tourdulich a textbook, scroll away!

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Text: Louis Harnett O’Meara