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The Annual Compliance Review – Audit in China

The deadline for the Annual Compliance Review in China is on 31 May. Although it seems that there is still a long time until the deadline, there is an incredibly huge amount of work to do before you can hand in your annual audit reports.


In 4 Steps to the Annual Compliance Review

Doing it right! How to do your Annual Compliance Review in 4 steps: The Annual Audit, the Annual Foreign Currency Filing, the Annual Debating Audit and Clearance and Report of Enterprise Information Publicity.


Deadlines for the Annual Compliance Review

As for the annual compliance review: it is not hard work but it needs to be done right. Do not see it only as an additional burden for your company. It is a great chance to do a small “health check” of your operations, to evaluate the tax burdens, the compliance status, the financial structure, […]


Abgabefristen für den Jahresabschluss auf einen Blick

Die Jahresabschlussprüfung ist nicht kompliziert, aber sie muss gemacht werden. Sehen Sie die Überprüfung nicht als zusätzliche Last für Ihr Unternehmen. Sehen Sie sie als Chance ihr Unternehmen einem Gesundheits-Check zu unterziehen.


Seminar Beijing: Annual Audit – Do’s and Don’ts from the Perspective of International Companies

By ECOVIS Beijing   All foreign invested enterprises are potential subjects to the ANNUAL AUDIT. The annual audit has several purposes such as to assure tax compliance and to prevent fraud. Not only can an annual audit help you to reduce tax burden but it can also help you to improve your financial processes and […]


Seminar: Annual Audit at the German Centre Beijing

By ECOVIS Beijing On the 10th of December 2014, Mrs. Grace Shi and Mr. Richard Hoffmann, both partners at Ecovis Beijing, held a seminar for professionals at the German Chamber of Commerce in Beijing. We are pleased to see that seminar was in very high demand, as it has been in previous years.


Annual Compliance Review in China

By Richard Hoffmann, ECOVIS Beijing China There have been several changes in 2013 for foreign companies, which are active in China due to the various newly introduced laws and regulations. For instance, the VAT reform has a big impact and positive effect on the tax burden of many companies as well as has also aroused […]


Annual Audit in China: Not to be underestimated!

By Richard Hoffmann, ECOVIS Beijing China The deadline for the Annual Audit is on the 31st of May. Although it seems like a long time until the deadline is due, but a high amount of work needs to be done before the annual audit reports can be handed in. There are two reasons for which […]


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